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Our Butts Got Kicked!

It's official - the Valentine's Day Holiday exceeded expectations on all fronts. According to Floral Daily the international rose demand outpaced supply, driving prices up. Due to weather conditions in South America, many farms experienced production challenges. Growers in other parts of the world underproduced, having been burned in the Spring by lower sales due to COVID-19. Prices per stem were up 25-40 cents for red roses, and 5-15 cents for colored roses.

In addition to grower production, transportation logistics were also challenged this holiday. Some commercial airlines and freight carriers cut back due to limited space with the high demand for vaccines and PPE shipments around the globe. Some carriers increased flights from Ecuador, Colombia and Kenya to the US, Australia and Europe to satisfy the demand for flowers.

Many of our own customers reported being inundated with last minute, unexpected sales. This year's holiday was a major boost compared to years past. Despite the pandemic changing how our industry does business, it did not dissuade consumers' desire to say "I Love You" through flowers.

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