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Holiday Decorating - Expected To Be Early This Year

Just when you've choked down the Thanksgiving turkey it's time to hang the wreaths, light the menorah, deck the halls, send the cards, wrap the gifts, make the holiday cookies, decorate the tree and get ready for family visits.

To say the least the holidays are exhausting for all of us and more so for the floral industry, where product has a limited shelf life, customers are demanding, competition is fierce and holiday sales have a short window.

But this year our usual flurry of activity is likely to feel much different than years past. If COVID has taught us anything this year - it's taught us to slow down, appreciate what we have, be more flexible, think more creatively about our businesses and seek ways to survive with less.

However, with all the dismal news reports in the media, consumers are extending the season by decorating early this year. Customers are putting up holiday lights and trees before the turkey even gets cold.

Consumers need and want to be cheered up this season, even if they can't spend as much as last year.

So what does it mean for you? Last minute, unexpected business. You'll want to pre-book orders now to secure product - especially red and white roses which will be in high demand this season. Don't delay - Get a jump on the holiday season to guarantee your products arrive on time and get into the hands of your customers.

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