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When it comes to customer care
We reach for the stars

We know your daily dilemma - getting the absolute freshest product, at a great price and in record time.

We hear you...

And at Stellar Farms each one of us has been in your seat.

Our sales staff are veteran floral industry leaders with a combined experience of 90+ years in the industry - 

as growers, buyers, logistics managers, wholesalers and more.

Image by Federico Respini

We don’t just ship product for our farms, we are an integral part of their production, growing process and distribution.

Image by Emma Staines

Our harvesting and cooling processes are state of the art.


We know you have a lot of choices, so why choose us?

We believe in offering a small business experience - its not just a numbers game for us - we know our customers inside and out and give them a boutique experience.

We work with only farms who consistently deliver quality product at a fair price and who care about their workers and the environment.

We aren't all things to all people.  We stick with what we know and strive for excellence.

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